Agarbattis Incense Sticks, A Wide Range of Exotic, Traditional Indian
Fragrances with International Touch Tograce Every Occasion from the
House of ARSI INDUSTRIES EXPORTERS of Incense Sticks from India

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Types of Packaging
-12 Doz Box in a Outer Box/Shrink Wrapper
-12 Doz in a Shipper Carton
-20 Sticks of 9" long in a Box
-6 Box in a Printed Box
-50 Box (i.e) 25 Doz in a Shipper Carton
Dhoop Sticks
-10 Sticks of 4 large ina Box
-12 Box in a Cellaphane Wrapper
-12 Unit in a Shipper carton
-12 Doz in a Printed Box
Loose Scented
-100/200 gm in a Cellophane/Printerd Wrapper
-1 Kg in a P.P Bag
-30 Kg in a Shipper Carton
Small Box
-8 Sticks in a Box
-12 Box in a Wrapper
-108 Doz in a shipper Carton

Special Pack
- As per customers requirement in pouch/Tubes/Box or loose packing

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